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Florida College welcomes you to Lift Every Voice! We are excited about this opportunity for us to sing and learn together. This symposium is designed to create opportunities for singers, songwriters, and song leaders to grow and discuss the future of congregational singing. Please join us!
Thursday 21st Friday 22nd Saturday 23rd
9:15 a.m. Song Leader Workshop Dane Shepard
10 a.m. Chapel Craig Roberts Speaker, Dane Shepard Song Leader Model Hymns Craig Roberts
11 a.m. The Song Leader as Worship Leader Steve Wolfgang
1 p.m. Working With Voices, Tone and Intonation in the Western Tradition. Jon Bassett and the Florida College Chorus Does it Matter How We Sound? Jon Bassett and the Florida College Chorus
2 p.m. Roundtable Discussion of Congregational Singing: How to Improve our Singing In Worship (Dane, Craig, Steve, Jon) The Life Cycle of Hymns: Why Some Live and Others Die Steve Wolfgang
3 p.m. The Songwriter’s Process Dane Shepard
4 p.m.
6:15 p.m. Group Singing Steve Wolfgang Group Singing Craig Roberts
6:30 p.m. Interpreting the Music and the Text: Suggestions for Song Leaders Dane Shepard Music and Meaning Jon Bassett Chili Cookout and Country Music Festival
7:15 p.m. The Hymnwriter’s Approach to Writing Craig Roberts Great Songs of the Church Steve Wolfgang
8 p.m. 5 Min Break 5 Min Break
8:05 p.m. Group Singing Dane Shepard Group Singing Dane Shepard
8:15 p.m. What Makes a Good Hymn? Steve Wolfgang Key Attributes of Successful Hymns Craig Roberts
9 p.m. Panel on Congregational Singing (Dane, Craig, Steve, Jon) sponsored by the Sowers Club
10 p.m. Sowers Club Meeting


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