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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

In addition to its own internal audits and efforts, the college is inspected annually for fire safety by the local professional firefighters of Temple Terrace, who walk the campus and building interiors and make specific recommendations to the college regarding its fire safety. The following detection, warning and control systems are in place in our residence halls:

  • Boswell Hall: Evacuation plan posted; smoke detectors in each room, an audible alarm and full sprinkler systems
  • Jennifer Hall: Evacuation plan posted; smoke detectors in each room, an audible alarm and full sprinkler systems
  • Hinely Hall: Evacuation plan posted; smoke detectors in each room and an audible alarm system
  • College Hall: Evacuation plan posted; smoke detectors in each room, an audible alarm and full sprinkler systems

At least one planned fire drill may be conducted each semester in each residence hall. Other unannounced drills may be held at any time. While evacuation procedures were discussed this year, no fire drills were conducted.
The college handbook states the following regarding fire safety in the residence halls:

  • To ensure the safety of all students and personnel, the burning of candles or incense or any activity requiring the possession and/or use of matches is strictly forbidden in the residence halls. Exits from rooms and buildings should be kept clear of obstruction at all times. Trash containers should be emptied on a regular basis. Tampering with or other unauthorized use of fire safety equipment will make a student liable to suspension.
  • Electrical appliances should not be connected in such a way as to overload extension cords or electrical outlets. Permitted appliances include electric blankets, fans, irons, stereos, televisions and associated electronics, hair dryers, small refrigerators, computers, clocks, desk lamps and shavers.
  • Appliances not allowed due to danger of fire include coffee pots unless equipped with an automatic shut-off, popcorn poppers, toasters, hot plates, heaters, etc. Violation will result in a fine of $25 and possibly other disciplinary action.
  • In addition, under “general policies” for residence halls in the college handbook, the following is noted: “Using an open flame” makes a student liable to a $50 fine and to suspension from the college.

Also, as part of the college’s moral code as stated in the handbook, no student is permitted to use tobacco—thus, smoking is prohibited in the residence halls.

The following evacuation procedures for residence halls are stated in the student handbook.

  1. Alarm is sounded.
  2. Alert others.
  3. Proceed to evacuation route immediately.
  4. If there is smoke, stay low.
  5. Close all doors (room and stairwell) after you.
  6. Walk, don’t run.
  7. Stay calm; assure others.
  8. Exit to the outside.
  9. Assemble at location designated on evacuation route.
  10. Do not leave assembly point.
  11. Obey fire warden (resident assistant) at all times.
  12. Resident assistants act as fire wardens. Once students are assembled outside, wardens ensure that all are present and the fire department has been notified.

Fire safety is discussed in each residence hall at the beginning of each fall semester, including procedures for evacuating the halls. During the academic year, the Temple Terrace fire department provides a fire prevention and awareness program on campus that all students attend; this program typically focuses on fire prevention and cautions concerning fire hazards specific to the residence halls.

Federal statues mandate our keeping of a fire log book and reporting all fires that occur in our residence halls. The non-emergency contact for any fire already extinguished in the residence halls is Dr. Jason Longstreth, dean of students, or the dean of students office (813.988.5131 x162). The fire log is kept in the dean’s office for public examination upon request.

Future improvements in fire safety will include definitive scheduling of fire drills for each residence hall.

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