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Welcome Letter

Hello Ladies of College Hall,

I am honored to welcome you to your home away from home for the next few months. The time you will spend together and the friendships you cultivate will last a lifetime! I am still the best of friends with the people I lived with when I went to school here. My door will always be open to you anytime, day or night. I love visitors. I love to sit and chat with you and get to know more about you! If you like Hallmark movies and Jane Austen, you will be my best friend forever! 

Living in College Hall is a little different from living in the other dorms. I like to say it is in between dorm living and apartment living. Only junior and senior girls may live in College Hall. These two years are spent continuing to grow as a godly woman, learning to serve those around you and learning to make decisions and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions; getting you ready for whatever may come next in your life.

Since there are only 32 girls in our dorm, we are able to do a few little special things that cannot be done in the other dorms due to the number of girls! Each bedroom is large and the girls in the past have had great fun decorating and making it feel like home; especially the common room. It’s nice to open the door and it feel cozy and homey. Every room has a full size bed, a double closet with mirrored doors, a desk and chair, bedside table with drawers and a dresser. 

The ladies in College Hall usually cook their own meals in our full-sized kitchen. You may want to bring some of your own pots and pans, but they must be kept in your room (see attached sheet on what to bring). This room is called the “Coffey Room.” It was name after the Larry and Joan Coffey who donated the money to refurbish the old boys C-Dorm into our beautiful College Hall. The room is on the first floor right next to my apartment. This room is also our social room where gentlemen may visit at certain times of the day (a schedule of times is posted in the room). Two washers and dryers are located in this room as well.

You will need all types of clothing as we have all kinds of weather in Tampa. Come prepared with short and long sleeves, sweaters, jackets—especially for January and February. You should also invest in an umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. Please choose appropriate clothing to bring with you that will reflect the godly woman that you are. Our dress code can be found in the student handbook.

The dorm will open for you on Saturday, August 15 at 8 a.m. I will be right there by the door waiting to welcome you to our home. Please make sure to read the list attached that gives you an idea of what to bring with you and what not to bring.

Everyone here at Florida College works together to make sure your experience is one of the best you will ever have. You will receive an exceptional education by professors who care about you and want to see you succeed. Take full advantage of your time here so when you leave, you are ready to be that light this world needs.

Can’t wait to see you,

Judy Bertram

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