The Florida College Society is a community of Florida College’s most dedicated friends and supporters. Members qualify by making gifts of at least $1,000 during the fiscal year (June 1–May 31), and membership is renewable on an annual basis. Members receive regular newsletters from President H.E. “Buddy” Payne, Jr. and are invited to special events on campus and around the country, most notably The Florida College Society Luncheon and Dedication Ceremony held during lectures week.

“Florida College was a crucial stepping stone between the guidance of our parents and complete independence in the “real world”. While at FC, we were challenged spiritually and intellectually, and we grew alongside professors and peers who pushed us toward our God-given potential. We are humbled and grateful to continue our relationship with such an incredible institution!”
Kyle & Daphne Edwards
"Suzy and I are grateful for the opportunity to support Florida College. We appreciate so much the good FC is doing to impact youth. For young people to have a place to go where their spiritual lives are the main priority, and where their secular education is important as well, is priceless. Our hope and prayer is that FC will be able to continue this good work for many generations to come."
Scott & Suzy Miller
"Paula and I are committed to supporting the work at FC because of the work it has done in, for and through us. We found each other there, found the direction of our lives there, made the deepest, richest friendships through FC and have watched it nurture the best attributes in our children. There is no other school in existence quite like it."
Ralph & Paula Walker
“Florida College was the best place for Bob and me to receive an education as young Christians. Now more than ever, parents need a place for their children to continue their education where faith is strengthened rather than undermined. FC was that place for us, and we want it to be that place for them.”
Jackie & Bob Bennett

Members of The Florida College Society provide foundational financial support that is vital to the college’s success. Without the generous donations from Society members, Florida College wouldn’t be able to survive.

There Are Many Opportunities to Support Florida College Financially

The Scholarship Partner Fund

Scholarships funded by the Scholarship Partner Fund are awarded to students who have excelled academically, athletically or in the arts.

The James R. Cope Adopt Program

The Adopt Program matches financially challenged students with donors who are interested in helping them attend Florida College. Donors have a unique opportunity to connect with individual students and make a difference in their lives.

Florida College Athletic Association

Athletics is an important aspect of the Florida College experience. Gifts to the Florida College Athletic Association support our volleyball, soccer, cross-country and basketball teams.

Donations from Society members also fund special projects and endowments. The renovations to College Hall, the Stulgis-Akin Building and Wilson Hall were all made possible by generous Society members. The Adam Smelser Endowed Scholarship, the Marty Pickup Endowed Scholarship and the Griffin and Gretchen Copeland Endowed Scholarship were also partially funded by The Florida College Society.

Join The Florida College Society today to make a difference at Florida College.

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