Paloma Soto – A Lasting Legacy

Paloma Soto – Junior

Friendswood, TX

Paloma Soto chose to study in the business administration program at Florida College because of its versatility, but her plan is to open her own store and sell one-a-kind furniture pieces. Her time at Florida College is an important step on the road to making her dream a reality.

“I recently decided that, one day, I want to open my own store,” Paloma said. “I thought business was versatile and would help me plan out my future.”

Paloma is currently focused on finishing her bachelor’s degree in three years and finding the next step that will help her reach her goals. Studying business from he perspective of a biblical worldview at Florida College means Paloma is not only learning how to be successful in the business world, but also learning how to lead and succeed in an ethical way.

“It has prepared me for leading people and being an ethical person in the business world,” Paloma said.

Outside the classroom, Paloma is involved as a member of Kappa Omicron, but the closest friends she has are the girls she has lived with in the residence halls. She loves to spend time in her friends’ dorm rooms, whether they are studying together or just hanging out. The friendships she has made at Florida College are ones that will last a lifetime.

“I know that the friends that I’ve made here, I’ll have for the rest of my life,” Paloma said. “I just want them to be there always.”

In addition to the meaningful relationships Paloma has built with her friends, she has also built relationships with some of her Adopt parents. Like all Adopt students, Paloma sends regular thank-you letters to her Adopt parents, but one of the donors regularly writes her back, sending photos and asking questions about her Florida College experience. Paloma loves getting to know this donor as they exchange letters, especially because they didn’t know each other before they were connected through the Adopt Program.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” Paloma said. “I know that family is supposed to be there for you and support you, but this donor is a complete stranger.”

Paloma is inspired by the generosity of her donors, and hopes to support other Adopt students someday.

“I want to be like my Adopt parents someday and give back,” Paloma said.

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