Jacob Stringer – A Lasting Legacy

Jacob Stringer – Senior

Benton, AR

Jacob Stringer has been dreaming of performing with the Florida College Friends since he saw them perform for the first time at Florida College Arkansas Camp.

“I was 13 years old when I saw the Friends for the first time,” Jacob said. “I remember thinking they were so cool. I always had it it my mind that I wanted to perform with them.”

Without the Adopt Program, Jacob never would’ve made it to Florida College, let alone fulfilled his dream of joining the Friends and traveling across the country on tour with the group for three summers.

As a member of the Friends, Jacob plays the guitar, mandolin and banjo. He has been able to perform at a variety of shows and camps across the country, reminding him of his own camp experience at Florida College Arkansas Camp.

“To me, camp wasn’t about Florida College,” Jacob said. “It was about friends, the experience and spiritual growth.”

Although he wasn’t thinking about Florida College at camp, he came to the college for the same kinds of experiences and relationships. The environment at Florida College has provided Jacob with opportunities to grow academically and spiritually and to build meaningful relationships with his peers.

“I came to Florida College predominately because I wanted to be in a good environment. I wanted to meet other Christians. You’re going to face temptations anywhere you go, but here, the overwhelming peer pressure is positive.”

Being a part of the Florida College Friends has allowed Jacob to build relationships with people beyond the borders of campus too. As the singing group travels across the country for their annual tour, they meet Florida College alumni and friends at every stop. “Anywhere you go, there are people there who are friends of Florida College,” Jacob said. “A lot of times I know them already or I know someone they know. It’s a small world but a big family too.” Some of the people who have impacted Jacob the most during his time at Florida College are his Adopt parents. Jacob recognizes that his Adopt parents are the ones who make his entire Florida College experience possible, and he couldn’t be more thankful. “Thank you so much, and I hope you know that you’re funds aren’t being wasted,” Jacob said. “Each and every person that I know is an Adopt student is sincerely thankful. It’s a huge blessing to so many people. Even though maybe all you get is a letter from a student every few months, it means so much. You’re giving people an opportunity to have the best time of their lives.”

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