Heidi Wickersheim – A Lasting Legacy

Heidi Wickersheim – Senior

Pleasant Prairie, WI

Several years after graduating with her associate degree in 2008, Heidi Wickersheim returned to Florida College to study in the new English program. Heidi has been so impacted by the Adopt Program during her time at Florida College that she is already giving back.

“Part of being in the Adopt Program is agreeing to help when you’re out of it,” Heidi said. “I take that responsibility really seriously.”

Heidi not only gave during her time away from Florida College, but also chooses to give back in small amounts while she is still in the Adopt Program. Many young people might choose to use extra spending money on fast food or coffee breaks, but Heidi saw a much more meaningful way to spend her money.

“I reasoned within myself that if I could have spent that money on something far less important, how much more important would it be for me to give back to a program that had given me so much?” Heidi said.

As Heidi tries to support her fellow Adopt students, generous donors support her so that she can enjoy a Florida College experience and earn a bachelor’s degree in English. Studying English at Florida College is very different than a similar program at another institution because Heidi gets to looks at literature from the perspective of a biblical worldview.

“We can look at literature through the lens of scripture and God’s word and see this is what God would have us to think,” Heidi said. “I’ve been so thankful for the godly perspectives I hear in the classrooms every day.”

In addition to her studies, Heidi has tried to stay involved on campus throughout her Florida College experience. She has been a dorm monitor, the copy editor for the Royal Palm Yearbook and a member of the chorus. She has served as a Camp Friend, a member of alpha club, a supplemental instructor and a writing lab instructor. She has also been nominated to Who’s Who Among Students, the academic award winner for English and the Miss Florida College court.

Heidi recognizes that none of the experiences she has enjoyed at Florida College would’ve been possible without the Adopt Program, and she is so thankful for the people who support her and all the Adopt students.

“Thank you,” Heidi said. “Even saying those words does not encompass the gratitude I feel to everyone who supports this program.”

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