Daniel Hooton – A Lasting Legacy

Daniel Hooton – Senior

Montgomery, TX

In order to pursue his dream of becoming an optometrist, Daniel Hooton is studying science from the perspective of a biblical worldview at Florida College. He has four more years of schooling left to finish after graduating with his Bachelor of Science, but his student loan debt will be significantly smaller thanks to the Adopt Program.

“I’m going to have a good amount of student loan debt after optometry school, and through the Adopt program, it won’t take me as long to pay that debt off,” Daniel said. “I hope that at some point in my life I am able to help with the Adopt Program in the same way people have helped me.”

When Daniel was making his college decision, he was unsure about his choice to attend Florida College. Ultimately, he came to the college because he didn’t want to regret not having a Florida College experience.

“Later on in life, I didn’t want to look back and regret not going,” Daniel said. “I didn’t want to miss such an awesome opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.”

According to Daniel, he made an excellent choice and hopes to provide the same opportunity for other Adopt students someday.

Daniel is studying in the liberal studies program at Florida College and hopes to one day become an optometrist. He is taking a variety of science classes to help him prepare for graduate school.

“The liberal studies program helps me take the science classes that are required for my graduate degree but from a biblical worldview under professors who share the same faith,” Daniel said.

Having professors who share his faith has been one of Daniel’s favorite parts of attending Florida College. He has grown especially close to Todd Chandler, the chair of the mathematics and science department, and looks to him as both an advisor and a friend. Chandler has been instrumental in helping Daniel prepare for his graduate studies.

“Florida College has given me a lot of opportunities to prepare myself for graduate school school,” Daniel said.

Many of those opportunities have come from outside the classroom. During his time at Florida College, Daniel has been involved on campus as a member of a society, president of CREST club, a member of the chorus and an SBGA officer. He has also served Florida College as a dorm monitor, a member of Alpha Club and a Camp Friend.

This year, he was selected to the homecoming court and the Mr. Florida College court and was honored as Mr. Royal Palm. Daniel was chosen for this honor by faculty and staff who recognize his embodiment of the school’s ideals, his involvement on campus and his physical, mental, social and spiritual growth since he came to Florida College.

“I don’t regret coming here at all,” Daniel said. “It was actually one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Daniel is thankful both for his own decision to come to Florida College and for the generous donors to the James R. Cope Adopt Program who have made his entire experience possible.

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