Thank you for your interest in the Adopt Program at Florida College. The students below are all needing funds to make their FC experience happen. Take a look through them and see if there is someone you wish to help. Help us raise $1 million to benefit this year’s Adopt students.
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Ally Emery Freshman Kingston Springs, Tennessee, United States $700
Robin Forrest Sophomore Colombia, Missouri, United States $2,400
Isack Gerlein Freshman Tampa, Florida, United States $1,500
Lilly Gillins Sophomore Valparaiso, Indiana, United States $500
Kelsey Gillispie Junior Smithville, Missouri, United States $1,100
Robert Grode Junior Auburndale, Florida, United States $500
Izabelle Guimaraes Freshman Cape Coral, Florida, United States $3,100
Andrew Hall Senior Athens, Alabama, United States $1,550
Sophia Hall Sophomore Baldwin, Missouri, United States $1,000
Noah Hammond Junior Amber, Ohio, United States $2,280
Joel Hardin Junior The Woodlands, Texas, United States $300
Nate Hesseltine Freshman Lakeland, Florida, United States $2,000
Emily Hilden Freshman Burlington, Wisconsin, United States $900
Annabelle Hilt Freshman Temple Terrace, Florida, United States $1,000
Dougray Hilt Sophomore Temple Terrace, Florida, United States $1,300
Evan Hockensmith Sophomore Brooksville, Florida, United States $700
Garrett Holland Freshman Danville, Kentucky, United States $1,000
Jade Jacobs Junior Roswell, Georgia, United States $442
Taylor Kanatzar Junior Lexington, South Carolina, United States $1,000
Khushboo Khanna Sophomore Phoenix, Arizona, United States $3,000
Katrina Kintz Junior Akron, Ohio, United States $1,250
Mercedes Kusters Junior Orrick, Missouri, United States $1,050
Jessica Lashley Freshman Okeechobee, Florida, United States $2,350
Karson Ledford Freshman Rock Springs, Georgia, United States $2,000
Ashleigh Leverette Junior Vancouver, Washington, United States $500
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