Thank you for your interest in the Adopt Program at Florida College. The students below are all needing funds to make their FC experience happen. Take a look through them and see if there is someone you wish to help. Help us raise $1 million to benefit this year’s Adopt students.
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Gabriel Aguilera Junior Lakeland, Florida, United States $4,000
Danila Alferov Sophomore Sarasota, Florida, United States $3,800
Hendrry Alim Freshman , , Malaysia $11,075
Cassandra Alzamora Sophomore Naples, Florida, United States $2,000
Alyssa Anderson Sophomore Leander, Texas, United States $1,700
James Anderson Sophomore Grants Pass, Oregon, United States $2,800
Brianna Arnold Junior Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States $2,350
Joshua Baize Sophomore Birmingham, Alabama, United States $2,250
Rebekah Baize Freshman Birmingham, Alabama, United States $2,250
Meagan Barrett Senior San Marcos, California, United States $925
Reagan Barrett Junior San Marcos, California, United States $1,925
Sheridan Bass Junior Woodstock, Georgia, United States $1,300
Olivia Blount Sophomore Rockfield, Kentucky, United States $1,350
Emily Borchers Freshman Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States $1,400
Rheanna Bozeman Freshman Corydon, Indiana, United States $2,500
Brian Brailey Senior Utica, Ohio, United States $1,800
Joy Brailey Freshman Utica, Ohio, United States $3,000
Caroline Branham Freshman Florence, Alabama, United States $2,000
Adriana Bravo Junior Tamarac, Florida, United States $3,750
Brendan Brown Freshman Plant City, Florida, United States $4,000
Kymber Brown Freshman Lakeland, Florida, United States $2,000
Andrew Brownfield Sophomore Carthage, Missouri, United States $4,000
Dialleo Burks Sophomore Lagrange, Georgia, United States $2,000
Kelsi Burns Junior Kountze, Texas, United States $2,875
Cade Cantrell Junior Champlin, Minnesota, United States $2,460
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