Status Report #2 and Closeout
The main campus power was shut down as planned at 5 p.m. tonight in order to complete repairs and we are happy to report an early and full service return at 8:30 p.m. this evening. We have begun restoring our IT network in an effort to restore Wi-Fi and email service ASAP. Thank you for everyone’s patience and cooperation.

Campus Power Status Report #1


Over the weekend we experienced power variances on our main campus that has made it necessary to implement a controlled campus power shutdown in order to repair and restore full services to our buildings.  We are waiting until Tuesday afternoon so that classes will not be interrupted and also for a more favorable weather forecast.

Currently, we have power for all essential activities including Henderson dining hall (normal hours), the Riverview student center and our campus water services through a large portable generator now on site. All dormitories have power and water. All facilities across the river surrounding the athletic complex and the FC Academy are not affected.

Planned Shutdown Activity:

In order to avoid an interruption of the class schedule, arrangements have been made to begin the repairs Tuesday at 4:30 pm. From that time until power is restored tentatively planned for Wednesday at 2:00 am, the campus will be without power except those areas with our backup generator power. We will have power for all food and water services as well as for the Riverview center. Certain security gates/doors will lock which may create some inconvenience. Again, electricity will not be available except within Henderson Hall and Riverview center until power is restored.

Key Points:

  • Although our residence halls will lose power during the planned outage and repair, there will be no restrictions on water usage. Students may continue to stay in the residence halls. Campus monitors will be placed at the entrances to the residence halls during the outage.
  • Alternative lighting plans are ready for the dorm stairways and hallways.
  • An officer with the Temple Terrace Police Department will be patrolling our campus beginning at 9:00 pm and will continue throughout the overnight hours.
  • We will be implementing our weekend sign-out policy for those students who wish to spend the night off campus with friends or relatives in the Tampa Bay area. As long as parental permission is on file, students will be able to sign out with their residence hall supervisors.
  • The dining hall will continue to have power and our meal schedule will remain unchanged.
  • The student lectureship that was scheduled for Puckett Auditorium will be moved to the Riverview Center.
  • The shutdown necessitates a controlled shutdown of all computer services. IT will begin restoration of services Wednesday morning and should be fully functional by noon. This means Wi-Fi and campus email will not be available until then.

Please note: A few academic buildings and College Hall dormitory air conditioning is currently also off line. This is a related but separate issue with its own recovery timeline which we hope to resolve by Wednesday. While it’s not a part of the planned shutdown need, we will keep everyone updated on our progress.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through these challenges.

Next scheduled update Wednesday at 9:00 am.



Martin W. Adams
Chief Advancement Officer