Adopt Applicants

WELLS.erin FA-12

Wells, Erin

Last Updated: September 3, 2014
Class: Junior
Hometown: Manchester, Tennessee
Amount Needed: Funded

Erin is a returning junior who is majoring in Elementary Education. When Erin came to Florida College two years ago, she intended to only spend one year here and transfer back to a school in Tennessee. However, she changed her mind after starting her education classes and making friends. Erin lives with her father, who is a deputy sheriff. However, he has had a number of health issues in the past number of years, including extensive surgeries. Because of this, he has had to cut back on the amount of hours he works. Between the surgeries, medications, and other treatments, Erin and her dad have had a tough time making ends meet. “After my first year there (FC), I realized that this is the school that will make me the teacher I strive to be. Yes, I work every day after classes and have to keep a sharp eye on my finances, but the rewards of being a Falcon are worth it tenfold.”