Adopt Applicants

WELLER.jonathan FA-14

Weller, Jonathan

Last Updated: August 15, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Amount Needed: Funded

Jonathan is an incoming freshman who intends to major in Management Information Systems. He is one of four children. His father is an independent contractor. Income from that job provides for the family’s basic needs, but can fluctuate. His older brother is studying engineering. His youngest sister has health issues with add to their financial burden. Jonathan has been working hard to apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aid, but will still have a financial gap that will need to be bridged. “I am convinced that this (FC) is the best place for me to obtain a quality education and grow spiritually. I am interested in maturing as a Christian and becoming acquainted with others who have the same motivation while at the same time gaining the crucial information for success later in life.”