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TURNER.deborah FA-12

Turner, Deborah

Last Updated: April 3, 2015
Class: Junior
Hometown: Ocala, Florida
Amount Needed: $900

Deborah is a returning student, entering her junior year. She is majoring in Liberal Studies and hopes to move onto Vet School. She comes from a family of 10. Her father is a preacher. Deborah is responsible for her own college tuition. “It has been a great blessing to learn at a school centered on the God that I love and adore! With the constant support of family, friends, teachers, and even people I hardly know, I graduated with my AA, receiving honors and Lord willing, I will be coming back for another two years for my BA degree. The Lord has blessed me by providing me with a great well-rounded education while getting to be around other Christians who encourage me daily!  My wish is to graduate from FC for the sole purpose of improving myself, spiritually and academically, and then going from here to Vet School so when I start my animal rescue. I will have the knowledge to care for the animals the best I can.”

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