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THOMAS.Teara FA-13

Thomas, Teara

Last Updated: September 3, 2014
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Sandys, Bermuda
Amount Needed: $still needs funding. Please call the development office for info.

Teara is a returning student, entering her sophomore year at FC. She is interested in Social Work.  She plays soccer for FC. Due to some difficulties in the family, her mother is the sole provider. Her grandfather also needs care and lives with them.  Bethany’s mother provides for the family the best that she can but she is unable to pay for college tuition. “God, hard work, dedication, friends and my adopt parents are what helped me to get through my freshman year at FC. As a freshman, the experiences I had were many. Some of the best experiences were with the women’s soccer team, Areta, and Church. In Church and at FC, the spiritual environment allowed me to grow closer to God. I have learned that without God you are nothing and I want to be in a Christian establishment that will keep my focus. Thank you again for this opportunity to be here at college.”

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If you are interested in adopting this student, you can also call the Development office at 813.988.5131 ext. 193, email them at, or use your credit card and fill out the form below to adopt this student right away.