Adopt Applicants

SMITH.heather FA-13

Smith, Heather

Last Updated: February 12, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Bakersville, North Carolina
Amount Needed: Funded

Heather is an entering freshman. She is interested in Elementary Education and very excited about Bible classes. She is very involved in the teaching program at her church. She comes from a family of 7. Heather is the oldest child. Her father supports the family on his income while her mother is busy with homeschooling the children. Her grandparents planned to help pay for college but her grandfather
passed away last year. Heather will need financial assistance to attend FC. “As long as I can recall, it has been my hope to attend FC. I think it is a wonderful opportunity to attend a college that is spiritually oriented and where academic programs are very fine. I hope to meet fellow Christians and have the opportunity to befriend and influence young people there who are not Christians. I believe the experience will help me mature as a Christian and be a special time of growth.”