Adopt Applicants

SMITH.abigail SP-12

Smith, Abigail

Last Updated: May 21, 2015
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Paris, Tennessee
Amount Needed: Funded

Abigail is a returning student. She is majoring in History with a minor in English. She comes from a family of six with her sister also attending FC this fall. Her father is a preacher and the congregation he is working with cannot fully support their family, so he receives help from other congregations. Abigail is responsible to pay for her education. “I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to be at FC for another year. I began my studies at FC in the spring of 2012. I completed my first semester and then stayed home for a year to work. I paid off the loans I had already accumulated and then began saving more money. My savings allowed me to return to FC. FC is the only college I ever seriously considered. The college and the friends I have made have helped me to grow both spiritually and academically. The adopt program has helped me a great deal and I hope it can continue to do so throughout the next year and a half.”