Adopt Applicants

ROWE.evan FA14

Rowe, Evan

Last Updated: August 11, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Concord, North Carolina
Amount Needed: Funded

Evan is an incoming freshman who plans to major in Biology. He is interested in going on to a veterinary program after graduating. He enjoying soccer and playing the guitar. Evan comes from a very large family. He is one of 12 children. His parents have adopted 8 children from around the world since 2010. Some of them have special needs. Because of their desire to care for all these children, the family has little left over after paying for daily expenses. Evan has been working as a veterinary assistant to save money and gain experience. “Learning about the amazing Bible classes FC offers, their programs of study, the Christian atmosphere, and the sense of family each student feels while there made me certain that Florida College way my college of choice. And now that I have been accepted, I can’t wait to begin my freshman year and start building my own memories.”