Adopt Applicants


Rodriguez, Michelle

Last Updated: March 19, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Ruskin, Florida
Amount Needed: $2,250

Michelle is an entering freshman. She is interested in Pre- Medicine and hopes to become a doctor.  She will be playing soccer for FC. Michelle’s mother is a single parent and cannot provide for her college education. “I will be an incoming freshman this fall. I desire to study pre-med. and I have chosen to become a doctor to be an impact on people’s lives and on my community. When I found that FC had a soccer team and my degree program, I was ecstatic. By becoming a student at FC, I hope that it will bring me closer to God, while I also get an education.”

Adopt This Student

If you are interested in adopting this student, you can also call the Development office at 813.988.5131 ext. 193, email them at, or use your credit card and fill out the form below to adopt this student right away.