Adopt Applicants

ROBERTS.christopher FA-13

Roberts, Christopher

Last Updated: October 7, 2013
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Amount Needed: Funded

Christopher is an entering freshman. He is interested in Communications. In the past few years, his father has lost his job 3 times due to layoffs. His parents have had to use their savings and 401k to sustain themselves. “As long as I can remember, FC has been part of my life. My mother is an alumni and a Booster Club member. I have attended camps since I was small, watched the FC Friends perform, visited for Falcon Days and heard about the wonderful experiences from many of my family’s closest friends. It has been my desire to attend FC as part of my practical education, but more importantly as part of my Christian formation and development. Additionally, my grandfather was a gospel preacher for over 50 years before his passing 4 years ago-I believe he would be proud of my decision to pursue a Christian education.”