Adopt Applicants

PRUITT.katie FA-14

Pruitt, Katherine

Last Updated: January 23, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Amount Needed: Funded

Katie is an entering freshman. She is interested in Nursing. She comes from a family of 6, with quadruplets attending FC this fall. Due to 4 children in college and her mother’s medical expenses from several back surgeries, Katie will need some assistance. “I wish that my words could describe what FC represents and what it does for their students. For me, it provides the opportunity to grow spiritually. I know that I will meet others who share the same goal as me: Heaven. I know that my professors and advisors will lead me in a direction to serve the Lord. I also know that I would not receive any of this at another college. I am ready to be surrounded by other Christians along this journey of life. I am ready to learn more about myself and to grow academically and spiritually.”