Adopt Applicants

PRUITT.connor FA-14

Pruitt, Conner

Last Updated: January 23, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Amount Needed: Funded

Conner Pruitt from Cincinnati, OH

Conner is an entering freshman. He is interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner . He comes from a family of 6, with quadruplets attending FC this fall. Due to 4 children in college and his mother’s medical expenses from several back surgeries, Connor will need some assistance. “I was opposed to FC and believed it wasn’t the place for me. I thought there was a more practical path to attaining a profession and degree. Upon arriving to campus for Falcon Days, I quickly learned that my way of thinking was simply not true. FC can offer something far greater: an opportunity to learn through a Biblical lens and enhance my knowledge and dedication to God.”