Adopt Applicants

PEREZ.matt FA-12

Perez, Matthew

Last Updated: October 22, 2013
Class: Post Senior
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Amount Needed: Funded

Matthew is a returning student, majoring in Biblical Studies/Theology. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M, but has since decided that he would like to be a Gospel Preacher. He became a Christian 5 years ago after a childhood friend taught him the Gospel. He has had the opportunity to preach at several congregations in Texas as well as overseas twice, in the Philippine Islands. He plans to graduate in 2014. “Even though I was not raised in a Christian home or environment, my family has been supportive of my decision to attend FC and become a Gospel Preacher. This past summer, I have worked with the Temple Terrace congregation, alongside Don Truex and Kerry Keenan. My junior year at FC was an incredible experience and I look forward to this upcoming year.”