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MORTON.megan FA-13

Morton, Megan

Last Updated: February 4, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Marysville, California
Amount Needed: $1,250

Megan is an entering freshman.  She is interested in Business. She comes from a big family, with 3 enrolled in college this fall. Megan was in foster care until the age of 7. A Christian family took her and her 3 siblings in and later adopted them. This couple already had children of their own. Her parents are both retired now and still have kids they are taking care of. They are unable to pay for college tuition. “Six years ago in a small town Church of Christ in California, I heard about a Christian camp, “The Greater Northwest FC Camp” in Oregon. Every year I went to that camp and for one week, it was the highlight of my summer. I learned about FC and I knew I wanted to go there. I look forward to getting the education I need as well as the spiritual education. I am excited and looking forward to a great year at FC!”

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