Adopt Applicants

MILLWEE.lacey FA-10

Millwee, Lacey

Last Updated: July 31, 2013
Class: Senior
Hometown: Bakersfield, California
Amount Needed: Funded

Lacey is a returning student, entering her senior year at FC. She is majoring in Sports Management. There are 6 in her family. Lacey’s two older sisters graduated from FC and now she and her younger sister will be attending this fall. Lacey’s father works while her mother stays home and cares for the grandmother. With one income and 2 in school, Lacey’s parents are not able to help with all the costs of college. “I have been blessed to go to this school for the last three years. The friends that I have made and the families I have come to know will forever be in my heart. FC has given me so much and has pushed me to grow spiritually more than anything. I was blessed to be raised as a Christian by two loving parents. I hope to keep learning more about God’s word and help those who do not know Him come to know Him.