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MATHIS.marta FA-13

Mathis, Marta

Last Updated: July 28, 2014
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Temple Terrace, Florida
Amount Needed: $100

Marta is a returning sophomore. She is interested in Marine Biology. During her freshman year at Florida College, Marta was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, ARETE, Footlighters, and Circle K. She also made Dean’s List and the Honor Roll of Scholars. Both of her parents work, but due to other obligations, they are not able to pay for all of Marta’s tuition. Marta has been working the same job for three years to help pay for some of her expenses but will need additional help to complete the year here at Florida College. “Last year at FC I experienced so many things. I advanced in my knowledge of math, science, history, relationships, life, the Bible, and myself. Living on campus and attending classes everyday was definitely a different and new experience for me.”

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