Adopt Applicants

MATHIS.david FA-07

Mathis, David

Last Updated: March 19, 2015
Class: Senior
Hometown: Jamestown, Indiana
Amount Needed: Funded

David is a returning student. He attended FC several years ago but is returning now to major in Elementary Education. He originally finished his Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and worked in the IT field for 2 years. Unfortunately, he was laid off in October of last year and found a new job working in the Special Education Department at a local High School in Indiana. He fell in love with teaching and began looking into many different colleges that offered Elementary Education Programs. He really wants to attend FC but due to the layoff he experienced, he does not have the means to pay for college by himself. “Florida College stood out as the best college for me to attend. I am looking forward to the Christian environment that will promote a God centered educational experience. Any assistance that you can give to help me achieve this goal is appreciated greatly.”