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WITT.jadon FA-11

Witt, Jadon

Last Updated: January 6, 2014
Class: Junior
Hometown: Avon, Indiana
Amount Needed: $1,610

Jadon is a returning student, entering his junior year at FC. He is interested in the new MIS degree at FC and wants to major in the field of IT and Computers. He had back surgery in 2009. He still suffers with  chronic back pain and a fused backbone. He hasn’t been able to learn to drive making it hard to find a job. He graduated from a Microsoft IT Academy and has earned several certifications, but feels the need for further education to increase his skills.  His parents have helped some with his education but it has been a struggle. “Being at FC actually seems to improve my physical condition somehow. Whether it’s the exercise, the humidity, or the positive Christian atmosphere, I feel better. I can’t think of a better place for growth and encouragement. FC has taught me so much. I can’t imagine giving up the rest of my time there.”

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