Adopt Applicants

WEBB.jessica FA-11

Webb, Jessica

Last Updated: April 10, 2015
Class: Senior
Hometown: Morris, Alabama
Amount Needed: Funded

Jessica is a returning student, entering her senior year at FC. She is majoring in Business with an interest in Marketing/Advertisement. Her father has been out of work for the past several years. He just began a new job on April 1, 2014. Jessica’s parents took out loans for the first two years of college but they are unable to continue that support. “I am coming up on my senior year at FC and I am currently doing everything I can to finish my bachelor’s in Business. My original plan was to attend FC my first two years of college, get my associates degree, and head back to Alabama to get my bachelor’s degree at an in state college. As my sophomore year was coming to an end, my soccer coach began to question my plans. He reminded me more than once that FC offered my degree and after talking to the financial aid department, FC came through for me and I was able to begin the business program. I have so many people to thank for helping me get this far. I would be thrilled to finish out my senior year at FC with my team, my friends, and my family in Christ.”