Adopt Applicants


Jennings, John

Last Updated: October 6, 2014
Class: Junior
Hometown: Hayden, Alabama
Amount Needed: Funded

John is a returning student, entering his junior year. He is majoring in Liberal Studies. He would like to be a Physical Therapist. John’s parents are divorced. John and his sister lived with their mother for a while until their father gained custody. It wasn’t until John met a special family that helped him, taught him the gospel, and John was baptized, that his life began to turn around for the better. “I personally believe in the school’s ambition to give us the best possible education in a positive, Christian atmosphere. I continually see the smallest transformations taking place in myself. I first came to FC as a scared, unorganized and solitary individual. To learn the Bible, gave strength to my spirit. Attending Florida College means so much more than I realized.”