Adopt Applicants

JEFFRIES.rebekah FA-13

Jeffries, Rebekah

Last Updated: August 29, 2014
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Clovis, California
Amount Needed: Funded

Rebekah is a returning student, entering her sophomore year. She would like to major in Biblical Studies with a minor in Behavioral Science. She comes from a single family home and due to medical bills and income, Rebekah’s mother cannot afford to pay for college tuition. “Trying to put a FC experience into words is like trying to count the seashells on the seashore. It feels impossible. It’s a wonderful adventure full of learning, laughs, tears, friends, and memories for a lifetime. Being able to go to school and work with Christians who love the Lord and are trying to better themselves and the rest of the campus has been a tremendous blessing and has taught me how to work more closely with people my own age. I feel like FC has not only given me the tools needed to succeed as a student with the wonderful teachers and support group that the college offers, but it has also given me room to grow and learn how to be a responsible adult and take care of myself and others.”