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IDEMUDIA.whoopi FA-14

Idemudia, Whoopi

Last Updated: April 10, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Ennis, Ireland
Amount Needed: $3,954

Whoopi is an entering freshman. She is interested in a career in the Health Field. She is from Ireland and comes from a family of four. Her father is a bus driver and her mother works as a care assistant for the elderly in a hospital. There are 3 sound Churches of Christ in Ireland. Her father preached for a small congregation that consisted of 3 families but for right now it is just their family that meets. They visit the other congregations when they can to get encouragement that they need. Due to income, Whoopie will need some assistance to attend Florida College. “FC would offer me a spiritual environment in which I would be able to pursue a career in medicine and health. I want to grow and learn more as a Christian and as an individual. Being given a chance to strive for my goals as well as build up my faith would mean a great deal to me.”

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