Adopt Applicants

HARDESTY.zachary FA-13

Hardesty, Zachary

Last Updated: July 22, 2014
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: West Fork, Arkansas
Amount Needed: Funded

Zachary is a returning student, entering his sophomore year at FC. He is majoring in Biblical Studies. He is interested in people and would like to look into becoming a Christian Counselor. This summer he has been working at Harp’s as well as preaching for his local congregation to save money for college but he will need additional help to attend FC. He comes from a family of six. His parents are unable to help him with college expenses. “While at FC I have become a better speaker, servant, leader, Christian and friend. I learned and experienced so many new things that have prepared me for the future. I have been blessed with so many opportunities for this next year and I cannot wait to serve the college who has given so much to me.”