Adopt Applicants


Gutierrez, Miranda

Last Updated: January 5, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Amount Needed: Funded

Miranda is an incoming freshman who wants to study Speech-Language Pathology. In high school, she was on the Student Council and also selected to the National Honor Society. She graduated with a 4.22 GPA while also earning 27 college credits. Miranda currently lives with her brother and mother, whose income supports all three of them. Both Miranda and her brother will be enrolled in college this coming fall, making the challenge of paying tuition for both very challenging. Miranda plans to work part-time during the school year to help pay for her tuition. However, she will need additional financial assistance. “I want to attend Florida College because of the spiritual environment, which will allow me to grow and develop my spiritual character. The things I will learn at Florida College will be remembered and applied throughout the rest of my life.”