Adopt Applicants

GARRETT.chance FA14

Garrett, Chance

Last Updated: October 10, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Conway, Arkansas
Amount Needed: Funded

Chance is an entering freshman. He is interested in Pre-Health. He plans to run cross country for FC. Two years ago, his father passed away from cancer, leaving his mother the only source of income for their family. “I would like to attend FC so that I can continue my education and obtain a degree to increase my options in the workforce. I would like to do this in a Christian environment as opposed to a worldly University so that I can acquire the education I need while growing in my faith instead of being pressured to surrender it. I want to attend a college filled with students that share my faith and values so that I can be encouraged by their example daily and even after my years are done, I will have made friendships with fellow Christians that will last a lifetime.”