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ETTER.ariel FA-11

Lankford, Ariel Etter

Last Updated: January 7, 2015
Class: Senior
Hometown: Temple Terrace, Florida
Amount Needed: $1,620

Ariel is a returning student, entering her senior year at FC as a married woman. She is majoring in Business. She and her husband are both working and are also attending college, trying to graduate this year. “I am looking forward to this last semester and finishing up my degree here at FC. “This will be an especially busy semester since I don’t just have school and work, but also my first semester being married while in school. I am looking forward to the challenge of managing my time. I believe that any challenges set before a person, are only opportunities for growth. The biggest blessing that FC has to offer for me is the opportunity to have my college education rooted in solid Biblical Ethics. None of this would be possible for me without the generosity and faith of people like you.”

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If you are interested in adopting this student, you can also call the Development office at 813.988.5131 ext. 193, email them at, or use your credit card and fill out the form below to adopt this student right away.