Adopt Applicants


Culver, Dylan

Last Updated: January 13, 2014
Class: Junior
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Amount Needed: $650

Dylan is a returning student, entering his junior year at FC. His major is Elementary Education. He is from a family of seven supported by one middle class income. “My family cared about our education so much that my mother quit her job in order to teach us at home, which helped with our growth as Christians and provided us a good education. I found FC to be far more than I was expecting. The professors genuinely care about our progress both spiritually and academically and I have made friends that will last a lifetime. I need to return to FC so that I can continue to grow as a Christian young man.”

Adopt This Student

If you are interested in adopting this student, you can also call the Development office at 813.988.5131 ext. 193, email them at, or use your credit card and fill out the form below to adopt this student right away.