Adopt Applicants


Diestelkamp, Noah

Last Updated: August 9, 2013
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Pontiac, Illinois
Amount Needed: Funded

Noah is an entering freshman. He plans to major in Communication with a possibility of minoring in Biblical Studies. His mother and father are both alumni. His father is a preacher and serves as an elder in the local congregation. His mother is a homemaker. His parents will help with some of the expenses but they cannot afford the full college tuition. “From a very young age, I heard my parents’ stories of their time at FC. I have seen my four older siblings leave for FC and come back better and more well-rounded people, and I have no doubt that I want this to happen to me as well. I want to attend FC because I believe it will provide me with a good Christian education and be a place where I can focus on growing in my relationship with God and His children. There are so many good opportunities to serve, grow, and learn on campus and in the surrounding local congregations, and I hope that I can take full advantage of these opportunities.”