Adopt Applicants

CRISWELL.jillian FA-11

Criswell, Jillian

Last Updated: January 5, 2015
Class: Senior
Hometown: Viola, Kansas
Amount Needed: Funded

Jillian is returning to Florida College for her senior year. She is majoring in Music Education. During her time at Florida College, Jillian has been a member of the Chorus, Footlighters, Forensics, L.O.V.E., NAfME, Phi Theta Kappa, among other groups. She also has placed 2nd in classical and MT singing in the National Association of Teachers of Singing competition. Jillian has two other siblings enrolled full-time in college. Her father’s job does not pay as well as it used to. Jillian works multiple part-time jobs in the summer, along with a part-time on-campus job during the school year to help pay for her college expenses, but will need additional financial assistance. “The years I have spent at Florida College was, so far, the best of my life, and I am very anxious to get back and make more great memories. Above everything else, I love being at a school where people can freely talk about religion and God without being ridiculed.”