Adopt Applicants

CRIM.simon FA14

Crim, Simon

Last Updated: September 3, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: North Chesterfield, Virginia
Amount Needed: Funded

Simon is an entering freshman. He is interested in Nursing. He comes from a family of 7, with 2 attending FC this fall. His father is a preacher and also an alum of FC. They are a one income large family which means everyone is own their own when paying for college.  “I’m truly excited to be attending FC this August and getting the FC experience. I am looking forward to the different activities that will be there for me to participate in as well as living in the dorms with the guys and making lifelong friendships. I believe that every young Christian needs the opportunity to attend a college where there are others looking out for them physically, but even more importantly, spiritually. This is an opportunity that I want to take full advantage of.”