Adopt Applicants

COUNSELL.stone FA-14

Counsell, Stone

Last Updated: January 5, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Prattville, Alabama
Amount Needed: Funded

Stone is an incoming freshman who plans to major in History. He would like to teach the subject someday in the future. Both of his parents and his two older siblings are Florida College alumni. Hearing the stories of his family’s times at Florida College has encouraged him to attend himself. Though both of his parents work, they are repaying on loans for three children. Also, Stone’s brother, Chase, will be enrolled in college as well, which will mean that they will not be able to pay the majority of Stone’s college expenses. Stone has worked since he was 14 to save money for books and living expenses, but will need additional help. “Being surrounded by people with the same like mind as me is a reason I have chosen Florida College. Attending FC will not only encourage me spiritually, but it will also help me in my studies as a History major.”