Adopt Applicants


Coots, Jana

Last Updated: February 9, 2015
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Buford, Georgia
Amount Needed: Funded

Jana is a returning sophomore who is majoring in Education with a special interest in special education or child psychology. During her freshman year, Jana was involved with her society, Psi Beta Gamma. She comes from a family who has many challenges. Both of her parents have medical expenses. Jana has decided to take the responsibility for paying for her college expenses herself. She understands that it will be challenging and will require extra work from her. “I enjoy taking responsibility for myself and being, to a degree, self-sufficient. I know, however, that I do need help from others sometimes, and this is one of them. I do need help financially, and I would appreciate whatever I received. I will work hard to make sure that I earn it and not allow your kindness be in vain or go unnoticed.”