Adopt Applicants

CLUFF.david FA-13

Cluff, David

Last Updated: August 26, 2014
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Graceville, Florida
Amount Needed: Funded

David is a returning student, entering his sophomore year. He would like to major in Engineering with a minor in Music Education. David and his sister live with their grandmother. His grandmother works at an assisted living facility and also takes care of her son, who has a syndrome very similar to Autism. She can barely afford to keep them all afloat on her salary. Recently,  David’s sister left a local community college she was attending and joined the Marine Corp. to try to make a better life for herself. “Ever since my first week at FC camp, it has been my dream to attend FC. I hope that by continuing to attend FC I will not only have an opportunity to gain a superb academic education, but also be able to further my knowledge in spiritual matters and gain close connections and bonds with fellow Christians.”