Adopt Applicants

CHRISTIAN. william FA-14

Christian, William

Last Updated: December 3, 2014
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Bethlehem, Georgia
Amount Needed: Funded

William is an incoming freshman who wishes to become an electrical engineer. He has two younger brothers. His father is a public school teacher and has recently taken on a second job with a financial firm in Atlanta. His mother is a stay at home mom who homeschools William’s brothers. William has a medical issue that has required three surgeries during his sophomore year in high school. His family is still paying on those bills and the related doctor’s visits. William’s 8 year old brother was recently diagnosed with a medical condition, which has added to the financial burden. William has been blessed with scholarships and continues to seek more, but will need additional help. “FC offers almost everything I am looking for in a college. There are knowledgeable Bible professors who will instruct me more deeply about God’s Word, and in my other classes I know that the professors will care about me personally and do their best to help me learn what I need to succeed.”