Adopt Applicants

BUNTING.kristina FA-12

Bunting, Kristina

Last Updated: September 5, 2013
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Manchester, Tennessee
Amount Needed: Funded

Kristina is a returning student, entering her sophomore year at FC. She is interested in Music, Theater and design. Her father is a preacher. She was born in Bergen, Norway. Her father preached at a very small church there and for the first 12 years of her life, she lacked the encouragement of a typical church family. Moving to Tennessee made such a spiritual difference in her life. Her father preaches fulltime and her mother is a stay at home mom who occasionally substitutes teaches. The money her parents earn is used to provide the necessities of life and pay for medical expenses. “As a Music Education major, I have been blessed with having brilliant and knowledgeable professors who teach music and performance with God’s will always in mind. I am incredibly excited to return to FC, Lord willing, for my second year.”