Adopt Applicants

BROWNFIELD.allison SP-13

Anderson, Haley (Brownfield)

Last Updated: December 29, 2014
Class: Senior
Hometown: Carthage, Missouri
Amount Needed: Funded

Haley is a returning student, entering her senior year at FC. She attended a large, public University her freshman year. Although she was a strong Christian, she realized that she was in an environment that caused her unnecessary temptations and struggles and chose to enter FC as a sophomore. She plans to obtain her Communication Degree with a minor in Business. She comes from a single parent home with 4 siblings.  She was married this summer to PJ Anderson. “I am working part-time in the marketing department at FC while PJ works in the Bible Lab.  We are confident that the benefits of an experience at Florida College will far outweigh any small struggles we will face financially.”