Adopt Applicants

BROWNFIELD.allison SP-13

Brownfield, Allison “Haley”

Last Updated: January 6, 2014
Class: Junior
Hometown: Carthage, Missouri
Amount Needed: Funded

Haley is a returning student, entering her junior year at FC. She attended a large, public University her freshman year. Although she was a strong Christian, she realized that she was in an environment that caused her unnecessary temptations and struggles and chose to enter FC as a sophomore. She plans to obtain her Communication Degree with a minor in Business. She comes from a single parent home with 4 siblings.  Her mother is unable to help her with college tuition. “I wanted to transfer to FC so I could live in an environment that encourages my faith. I am excited to have new experiences and new friends while earning my degree and continuing to grow spiritually.”