Adopt Applicants

BINGHAM.victoria FA-13

Bingham, Morgan

Last Updated: October 9, 2013
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Amount Needed: Funded

Morgan is an entering freshman. She is interested in a Liberal Studies degree with components in English, History, and Bible. She is excited to participate in Chorus, Forensics, and the Fall Play. Morgan is the oldest of 5 children. Her father works outside the home and her mother works inside the home. They have only one income. She will need financial help to attend FC. “FC is not just an educational or even a social opportunity for me. I love the fact that it is focused on God. Every morning at Chapel, the professors lead us in a brief devotion. It’s the only campus I know where, if you listened in on people’s conversations in the cafeteria, you’d hear topics ranging from academics, to life, to the Bible, and back! The great education, the extracurricular activities that I’ve always wanted to do, and the firm spiritual foundation- make me want to attend FC.”