Adopt Applicants

BINGHAM.victoria FA-13

Bingham, Morgan

Last Updated: September 10, 2014
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Amount Needed: Funded

Morgan is a returning student, entering her sophomore at FC.  She is pursuing her BA in History with a minor in English. During her freshman year at Florida College, Morgan participated in Chorus. She was also in both the fall play and spring musical. Since she was a young child, Morgan has known that she was wanted to attend FC, and now it is a reality. She has four younger siblings, who all plan to attend Florida College in the future. Her family is able to give her some support and she plans to work on campus again to help with her expenses, however, she will need additional financial assistance. “It’s wonderful to be able to discuss things with your professors from a Biblical perspective, whether inside or outside the classroom. Sociology and literature make much more sense when you come at them from a Biblical point of view, as do the sciences and everything else.”