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BARNES.williamtrey FA-13

Barnes, William

Last Updated: April 10, 2015
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Amount Needed: $4,460

William is a returning student, and will be entering his sophomore year at FC.  He is majoring in Communication. William is interested in broadcast journalism. This coming school year, he will be the Historian for his society, Omega Chi. He currently is working part-time to help pay for his expenses, but due to management changes, he will lose the ability to work many of those hours in the fall. His mother is the sole provider for their family.  William will need some financial help to attend FC. “Florida College offers a unique experience where I can attend classes that are not too large and most importantly learn with a biblical perspective about things. I also enjoy the environment where I can grow more mature in my faith with my friends.”

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