Adopt Applicants

ALVARADO. matias

Alvarado, Matias

Last Updated: December 5, 2013
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Amount Needed: $3,200

Matias is an entering freshman. He is interested in Business Administration. His mother is a single parent raising five children. Matias will need financial help to attend FC. “I wish to attend FC to get a good education through Christ. I wish to attain an education to be able to provide for myself, my family, and anyone who needs help around me. I assure you that your gift, given to a fellow Christian, will later be reimbursed to a person in the same position I am in now.”

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If you are interested in adopting this student, you can also call the Development office at 813.988.5131 ext. 193, email them at, or use your credit card and fill out the form below to adopt this student right away.