Adopt Applicants

ALLEN.grant FA-11

Allen, Grant

Last Updated: November 13, 2013
Class: Junior
Hometown: Campobello, South Carolina
Amount Needed: Funded

Grant is a returning student, entering his Junior year at FC. He is interested in majoring in History with a minor in Communications. Grant comes from a family of six, with two attending college this fall. His dad is the sole provider and has a commissioned based job. “I can’t begin to describe how blessed I am to have been able to spend these last couple of years at FC. I have been able to make and grow friendships and relationships that have benefitted me greatly. For right now, my career plan after FC is to enlist in the Marine Corp. I will have a Bachelor’s Degree and I will be able to go into Officer Candidate School. Should I change my decision about the military, I will look into teaching history while also completing my Master’s Degree in Military History. I want to thank you for being involved in the adopt program and wanting to help students gain a higher education .”